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Welcome to our premier health institute in the heart of Estepona, Southern Spain.
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Welcome to our institute

Welcome to our premier health institute in the heart of Estepona, Spain.

We’re proud to offer a range of innovative, evidence-based treatments and therapies designed to support your health and wellbeing. 

Here, we put your needs first, providing personalized care in a comfortable and professional environment.

We offer a holistic approach to wellness

Nestled in the beautiful coastal town of Estepona, Spain, our institute is strategically located in an area that seamlessly blends the charm of traditional Spain with the benefits of modern infrastructure. Estepona, often referred to as one of the Costa del Sol’s best-kept secrets, is not just a destination but a lifestyle, with its alluring beaches, vibrant local culture, and an excellent year-round climate.

This magnificent location offers an invigorating environment that plays a significant role in the recovery and wellbeing of our patients. The institute is easily accessible, ensuring that you can reach us without any hassle, and is located near several tranquil spots that are perfect for post-therapy relaxation and introspection.

At our institute in Estepona, we are not just offering treatments but a holistic approach to wellness that combines modern medical therapies with the timeless benefits of nature, diet, activity, and community.

What we do

We take care of you

At our institute in Estepona, we are committed to providing you with the best care possible. Every person is unique, and we pride ourselves on treating you as an individual, not just a patient. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Chronic Wounds

We are specialized in chronic wound treatment such as Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Surgical Wounds, Bed Sores or Burn Wounds.

At the Pathelen Medical Institute in Estepona we work with the products of the Pathelen Health Care AG from Switzerland.

PATHELEN® Hybrid is a new microporous silica powder, that adsorbs wound exudate, biofilm and pathogenic germs, eliminated in a few days. The healing time is significantly reduced.

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What we offer

Healing for a better world

Wound care

Specializing in advanced wound care, we are well-equipped to handle complex cases, including diabetic foot ulcers. Our trained professionals use the latest evidence-based approaches to clean, dress, and monitor wounds. Our methods are designed to expedite healing, prevent infection, and minimize scarring.

Weight loss

We offer medically supervised weight loss programs tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a sustainable weight loss plan that incorporates healthy eating, regular exercise, and behavioral changes. We're here to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle long term.

Pain management

We understand how debilitating chronic pain can be. That's why we offer comprehensive pain management solutions tailored to your specific needs. We use a multi-modal approach that can include medication management, physical therapy, mind-body techniques, and other therapies as needed.

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